Energy consumption is expected to increase with economic growth among the emerging and developing countries of Southeast Asia. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to establish an energy consumption database by end-use sector as an essential requirement for climate change policy-making in these countries. Using the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund, we have been carrying out the following surveys in Southeast Asia : 1) detailed information about energy use per household, 2) measurement study to understand the electricity consumed by major household appliances as well as the total amount of electricity consumed by homes. BELDA is a common residential energy consumption database for Southeast Asia by adding existing surveys of household energy use to our survey results; and, jointly with specialists in Japan and Southeast Asia, to provide climate change policy recommendations corresponding to stage of economic development. Developing the above-mentioned database will contribute to energy demand analysis, research and development, low-carbon city planning, climate change policy-making, and the transfer of advanced technologies from Japan to the rest of Asia.